“Lizzo says take off your robes”

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Is there a song you play or that’s in your head when you’re getting ready in the morning? Or getting ready to go out? And in your mind you’re in a movie montage in your closet and your bathroom, totally feeling yourself as you’re about to go out and kill the day, or the party you’re going to? 

I don’t know if that’s why she wrote it but Lizzo’s “Juice” is that kind of song. It is currently my morning song. I hit it at least twice on repeat when I’m pulling away from the house in the morning on my way to work. You can’t not be hype when you’re listening to “Juice”. And you can’t not be hype when you’re watching her perform it. 

Lizzo gave one of the best, if not the best, award show performances this year at the MTV Movie & TV Awards with her Sister Act 2-inspired performance of “Juice”. I’m already supercharged by “Juice”. But “Juice” + Sister Act 2 is atomic. And I know I’m not alone. I know there’s a whole generation of us who adore that movie, who know every single beat of it (hi Duana), and who have watched and rewound and rewatched the final number probably a thousand times, no exaggeration. It’s because they were having so much fun. Because they really were “Joyful Joyful”. And this is a quality in Lizzo too: she is JOYFUL. So much JOY. It’s Joyful “Juice”! 

That joy infected the audience too. Look at those faces when she asks them to “la la la la la la la” with her! I was “la”-ing all by myself at my phone! This joy is what Melayna was referring to when she wrote about Lizzo last month - Lizzo “skips over the bullsh-t”, which is why she hasn’t had to waste so much time explaining who she is, she just goes right to the part where she shows us:

I was born like this, don’t even gotta try

That lyric is this neon green dress, with sneakers. I want to love myself in anything as much as Lizzo loves herself in this green dress. 

Emma McIntyre/ Kevin Winter/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

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