Gemma Chan is a spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris and since L’Oreal has a big presence at the festival, many of their ambassadors in years past and also this year attend the festival to represent the brand. Gemma’s deal with L’Oreal started last year so this is the first time she’s attended. And, well, naturally she is exquisite. This gold embellished dress she wore for the Cannes closing ceremony is amazing but my big takeaway is her eye makeup. Look at those accessories under the eye: 

Gemma Chan attends the final screening of "OSS 117: From Africa With Love" and closing ceremony during the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival on July 17, 2021 in Cannes, France

So pretty right? Glamorous but also not too much as to clash with how dazzling the dress already is. I also love that one of them is black, which I think some people would be hesitant to apply because it looks so much like a mole. But she already has other moles on her face so it actually complements them. And I wonder if her makeup artist actually darkened the other moles on her face on purpose. Here’s another shot of her earlier on the weekend and maybe it’s just my eyes or the optical illusion of how different makeup colours bring out different features but the moles seem darker in the look with the eye embellishment and if that’s really the case, I’m obsessed – because moles are typically covered up, not accentuated, and if Gemma’s out here bringing out her moles even more, on her face that has given her a beauty contract, people with moles and freckles and whatever else that they’ve felt insecure about because those features have in the past been edited out of these kinds of images might feel less insecure about theirs. 

Gemma Chan attends the "Les Intranquilles (The Restless)" screening during the 74th annual Cannes Film Festival on July 16, 2021 in Cannes, France

But that wasn’t even my favourite Gemma outfit of her first Cannes. I prefer this – and I don’t think it even got a red carpet moment: