Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter came out with some delicious award season inside baseball this morning. 

So the Golden Globes happened on Sunday. Since the show takes place right after the new year and since they honour both TV and movies, and since it’s the show where people drink at their tables and get drunk, the Globes can challenge the Oscars for ratings. Not prestige, not even close, but definitely for viewership. This year the Globes had their sh-t together where their hosts were concerned, while the Oscars have found themselves in f-cksh-t hosting situation, with no host confirmed and only 6 weeks to go. 


Apparently, according to Scott Feinberg, ahead of the Globes, celebrity publicists were being told by the Academy that if their clients committed to presenting at the Golden Globes, they would not be invited to present at the Oscars, prompting some clients to decline the Globes so that they could make an appearance at the more prestigious Oscars. Margot Robbie, for example, was supposedly asked to present at the Globes and declined because she was told she wouldn’t be able to do the Oscars if she said yes. Now apparently the Globes are pissed. And it’s only going to get worse because next year, the Oscars are happening earlier, so there’s going to be less time between the two events. 

If this is true, the Academy is flexing. We all know how celebrities feel about the Oscars. Their thirst for the Oscars. Some celebrities have the power to be like, f-ck you, don’t tell me where I can go and where I can’t. Like…do you seriously think they called up Harrison Ford, who presented at the Globes, and told him that if he showed up there, they wouldn’t want him at the Oscars? F-ck no. 


It’s the Margot Robbies, the cast of Black Panther, who were given a pass because their film was contending at the Globes, who got the ultimatum. Don’t tell me they would have tried that sh-t with George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Or Meryl Streep. They’re holding it over the ones who are newer at this and, according to Scott Feinberg, it worked in some, if not most, cases. That’s the goal. Sure. Now that it’s gotten out though, and people know they’re throwing their power around, do they really need to be throwing their power around?  

Attached - Margot Robbie on The Andrew Marr Show the other day in London with Saoirse Ronan.