During this pandemic, we’ve seen many examples of consciously uncoupled couples continuing to manage their families with care and consideration even under the strange stress of being in lockdown. But there have also been a few examples of nasty uncoupling: Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, Jaime King and Kyle Newman’s might be the worst yet, and also, surprisingly, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy, only because the Olsens typically keep their sh-t so tight. 


But she filed an application claiming that he terminated the lease on their apartment (it’s still weird to me that they don’t own) and there’s no mistaking that things are far from amicable between them. Some sources say they’re over because MK wants kids and Olivier doesn’t, while others remain skeptical. And Page Six reported this weekend that according to yet another “fashion source”, while MK is fine, all things considered, “it would not have been her decision to end a marriage and move during a pandemic.” All of which makes it sound like she may have been blindsided by Olivier’s moves. Another source adds that:

“As for what led to the breakdown of the marriage, a New York society source said Olivier had “completely changed” toward Mary-Kate, adding: “Even his view of the marriage had changed, which surprised people who knew them.” 

Again, the picture that’s emerging here is that whatever happened between them, it was a sudden action taken on Olivier’s part that MK may not have been prepared for, logistically or emotionally. And this could get worse. As Page Six reports in their headline, the divorce could “get uglier”. Because this is how a “Paris source” describes Olivier: 


“He sees himself as the alpha male,” the Paris source said. “He will get even more French as he fights her. They can turn cold very fast on their wives once the relationship is over.”

“He will get even more French”!!!!!

French Ugly!

How does French Ugly compare with American Ugly? Or British Ugly? (Brits might be too tight in the collar to really get dramatic and ugly.) Italian Ugly? Spanish Ugly?

How do French men feel about this stereotype? 


How does one fight French Ugly? Because I dated a French boy in high school. He was gorgeous. I was always swooning – over his face, over his accent, over his French elegant family, their French elegant summer holidays – and now that I think about it, yeah, he was totally kinda cruel when he broke up with me. I’m pretty sure he told the whole school we had sex. 

Will MK be able to combat the French Ugly? Who can she recruit to help her take on the French Ugly? I nominate two supermodels: Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell. Linda had a French Ugly split from Henri Pinault (now married to Salma Hayek) and while Naomi may not know French Ugly as intimately, she does know Russian Ugly from her relationship with billionaire Vladimir Doronin. If it’s going to be war, you might as well have some formidable allies on your side.