The Hugo Boss menswear show happened yesterday in New York with several celebrities in attendance. Where do we start? Let’s start with the most beautiful, the Angel, Matt Bomer. Because on anyone else I don’t think I’d be into the greyish blue shirt under the olive green suit but, well, he’s an angel. And there are never any complaints where angels are concerned.

Then Sebastian Stan, the Winter Solder, also known as the internet’s low-key boyfriend. I say low-key because, as opposed to, say, Benedict Cumberbatch fans or Tom Hiddleston fans, I feel like Sebastian Stan fans dial down their crazy. Or at least contain it to their corner. Am I wrong? Anyway, Sebastian’s giving me some Miami Vice vibes right now. I’m not mad at that.

Next is Thor, Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth has been spending most of his free time in Australia these days so to be in New York, just for a fashion show? Question answered:

He’s Boss’s new Man Of Today. The last Man Of Today I can remember is Gerard Butler. This is definitely an upgrade. Chris Hemsworth might be #2 or #3 on the Chris List, depending on who you ask, but all Chrises > Gerard Butler, right?

And finally, Alexander Skarsgard, who was in theatres exactly a year ago as Tarzan which was supposed to be his big movie breakout but who actually made more of an impact for his performance as Perry in Big Little Lies, for which he could receive an Emmy nomination (it would be his first) tomorrow morning.

Please enjoy.