As I wrote in the site intro today, Canada was well represented by Meghan Markle in her style choices. The earrings were Birks. The coat was Line, which, ahem, by the way, Sasha has written about often. The dress is P.A.R.O.S.H. The ring? 

Prince Harry designed the ring. Made by Cleave and Company. They do jewellery for the Queen. So he went super official. The centre diamond is from Botswana. You’ll recall, Meghan and Harry were on holiday in Botswana in August. There are two outside stones, diamonds, and those are from the personal collection of Princess Diana. It’s a gold band. 

Now that that’s out of the way… did you see? Did you see how f-cking cute they are together? Duana texted that they seem so young. Young but definitely not broke and certainly not dumb. He was nervous though, non? Like in the best way. It’s not like Harry’s new to cameras but this time, this time he seemed adorably awkward. Hi everybody, this is the woman I love. I’m going to marry her. RIGHT!?! Someone shouted out “when did you know she was the one”. And he said it was the first time they met. I mean, COME ON.

While Harry was the one who seemed new to it all, it was Meghan with the poise, Meghan who was the one rubbing his back and his arm as they walked away – like she was the one who had to comfort him. To me, this is a great early sign. It’s a sign that her experience as an actress will help her navigate the enormous spotlight that’s now on them. There was an ease to how she handled it. Remember, with Kate, Prince William took great care to make sure she transitioned smoothly into the duties and responsibilities required of the role, being that she did not grow up with those experiences. We know now that Kate needed preparation, a gradual easing into the situation. Meghan, on the other hand, is a bit older, more mature, and not an amateur in these kinds of environments. She was the perfect combination of calm and composure with exactly the right level of genuine excitement. A total natural. Today she is the Most Famous Woman In The World. 

F-ck this is the best. Aren’t you so happy this happened to us? 

More coming but if you missed my posts earlier, I already reported on the interview that will air today – on the BBC, the journalist is Mishal Husain. Click here to read that article. Tomorrow, the month of the wedding will be announced, along with the location.