I can’t think of anyone who would be against this, not even Kathleen. And the only reason she’d be against it is because she believes it can happen between her and Michael B Jordan. Until MBJ decides to fall in love with Kathleen, however, he’s spending his time with other people. And when he’s spending time with certain people, it’s very, very, very good for gossip. 

Apparently MBJ and Kiki Layne were very into each other at Sundance. I can definitely work with this. 

PEOPLE reported first on Sunday that MBJ and Kiki were “super flirty” at a party. Then Page Six followed yesterday with this: 

Sources told Page Six that “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan and “If Beale Street Could Talk” actress Kiki Layne arrived separately — “within 10 minutes of each other” — to Tao’s Park City, Utah, pop-up club before getting cozy together.

A source said: “They were put at separate VIP tables, but Kiki quickly made her way over to Michael’s table. And they seriously never left each other’s side. Canoodling to the max.”

The source added, “She would have her hand on the back of his head rubbing it as he whispered in her ear and [he] kept kissing her cheek.”

Even though “it was clear to everyone in the room that they were together,” the source surmised, we hear that the stars’ entourages were “protective about them not taking a photo together.”
They exited at the same time.

Who is this source? Why are they trying to kill my boner? Nobody is getting off on the description “canoodling to the max”. Stop it. This is a great story. You’re pouring sh-t all over it when you tell me it went down like “canoodling to the max”. Who talks like this? 

Can we go back to picturing Kiki rubbing the back of MBJ’s head and him whispering in her ear and kissing her cheek? I want to live here permanently. No pressure though. They’re young. They’re hot. They’re successful. Life doesn’t have to keep them in this space. But if that’s the case, please, can we at least enjoy …a photo? 

PS. Kiki’s entire Sundance wardrobe was amazing. Look at her getting cute with Love, Simon (his real name is Nick Robinson). 



Look at MBJ getting cute with Rami Malek: 

Not that it would ever be possible but I could work with that too.