Kathleen is not writing this post because she’s enjoying a few days off so I get to talk about Michael B Jordan last night out for dinner with friends in a Flyers jersey. Presumably he picked it up while shooting Creed or Creed 2 in Philadelphia. 

The last time we mentioned MBJ was earlier today, in Sarah’s Tiffany Haddish post because she always brings him up – when she’s doing interviews, when she’s accepting awards. Tiffany Haddish has made it clear. The time before that it was about whether or not he has a girlfriend and who he was grinding up on in the club. That’s when Kathleen conducted a forensic investigation into the identity of the woman, who she could be, who she wasn’t, and all points in between. Classic millennial. Educated by television procedurals. 

I am not capable of the same in this situation. All I can give you is my Photo Assumption. MBJ was accompanied by some friends/potentials. All of them are attractive. Not sure if he’s attracted to one of them any more than the others but since there is no grinding and no shirking, not hiding from the camera, no one person acting like they don’t want to be seen too close or too far or too whatever so as to give anything away, I’m going to say, for Kathleen’s sake, and everyone else, that he’s still single and will grind up on you at the club should the opportunity present itself. Good luck.