Really just put Tiffany Haddish in All The Things, but when Vogue asked her “what’s a role you’d love to take on” as part of their “73 Questions” series, Haddish responded, “Wonder Woman’s sister”. Wonder Woman does have a black twin sister, Nubia, so this is ENTIRELY possible and 100% should happen in Wonder Woman 3. Haddish is this month’s answer-ee, and her 73 Questions is predictably delightful. These things are never as spontaneous as they’re supposed to seem, but it is totally believable Haddish squeezed Vogue in between interviews and a set at Caroline’s. She’s BUSY. Is she the busiest? I’m trying to think of someone busier than her and all I’ve got is “The Rock” and “Kevin Hart”. 

Her honesty comes up several times during the questionnaire—a great comedy bit would be Tiffany Haddish doing tarot readings for strangers; she mentions her unicorn onesie and love of Doc Martins, and guesses that her garden is probably overrun with weeds by now. I think the thing I would most like to do with Tiffany Haddish is spend a day in the garden. She does the egg shell trick! Can’t do a whole compost box? No worries, just mix ground up egg shells into your soil. It’s a great natural fertilizer. I would binge the sh-t out of a “Gardening with Tiffany” show, FYI networks and streaming services.

But her answer to “Who’s your dream love scene partner” is “Michael B. Jordan” and it introduces strife. A couple weeks ago Kathleen was spiraling because MBJ was spotted in a club with a mystery woman and she went straight Nancy Drew on that sh*t and unlocked the secrets of the universe and that woman’s identity. Kathleen is territorial about her future husband—SO SHE SHOULD RESPECT MY SEBASTIAN STAN BOUNDARY—but she also loves Tiffany Haddish (who doesn’t?). So if Tiffany Haddish started dating MBJ, would it be fan drama? Or would we all be making lists of their potential baby names? 


Attached - Tiffany at the New York premiere of BlacKkKlansman on Monday.