One of my favorite television shows of the last few years is Miracle Workers. I love it a lot but I don’t often talk about it because I don’t want it to become work, but Miracle Workers is one of the best damn shows you’re not watching. I know there’s too much TV and no one can keep up, and I know Miracle Workers isn’t as readily accessible as something like What We Do in the Shadows, which airs on linear TV via FX but pops up on streaming via Hulu the day after each new episode premieres. Shadows is easy to keep up with because you have multiple options to access it as each season airs, and Miracle Workers doesn’t play like that. It airs on TBS, and though it streams on HBO Max, new episodes don’t arrive for months after each new season has concluded. If you’ve cut the cord (like me), you have to WAIT for it, and as a species, we’re generally terrible about delayed gratification.


But Miracle Workers is worth it. It’s SO worth it. And in what is now an annual tradition, I’m stoked to report that season four is coming in January 2023, and a teaser has arrived.


It’s the end times! They’ve done the afterlife, the Dark Ages, the Old West, and now—the apocalypse! I could not be more excited to watch Daniel Radcliffe, Short Comedy King, and Geraldine Viswanathan play two post-apocalyptic nerds falling in love in a Mad Max-style hellscape. Because that’s the secret sauce of Miracle Workers, no matter the era, it’s about these two dorks finding and falling for one another across time and space. It’s a rom-com!


The new season brings back the core cast of the anthology series; DanRad and Viswanathan are joined once again by Karan Soni, Jon Bass, and Steve Buscemi. Can’t wait to see what they’re getting up to in the post-apocalypse. I also can’t wait to see if they can top the drag/burlesque inspired moment from season three when DanRad sang “She’ll Be Comin’ ’Round the Mountain”. I’ll be honest, that feels like the peak of Miracle Workers. I’m never going to complain about getting more of this show, but that single scene encapsulates everything wonderful and absurd about the series, I don’t know if they can ever top it. But then, Miracle Workers’ brand is defying odds at this point. This show has no online traction and no apparent audience and despite being one of the best shows on TV, it doesn’t get nominated for stuff, yet it persists. The real miracle is the show they’ve been making all along.