A little inside baseball about those photos I posted yesterday of Johnny Depp kissing an identified woman in Belgrade. It’s surprising to me that there’s been no follow-up on this. Not very many mentions in American entertainment media. As of post time, I’ve not seen it on E! or PEOPLE or Us Weekly. Johnny Depp, despite the fact that many aren’t as fond of him as they were before, is still a big celebrity name. Certainly his love life is newsworthy, has always been newsworthy. 

Yesterday I got a vaguely warning-ish email from someone who insisted that the photos were taken on set and that Johnny wasn’t happy about it and that the woman is his costar. We checked with the photo agency. The photos were not taken on set. Johnny was at his hotel. A French magazine secured the first rights to the images before they were released for online coverage yesterday – which is when I bought them. The magazine turned the photos into their cover story:


They’ve identified her as “Lily”, an actress. According to Public, she is the “daughter of Depp’s longtime pal” and they met a long time ago. I checked the scans of the magazine and there are more details – supposedly she’s British, 33 years old. I don’t know how reliable this publication is. It’s giving me the same vibes as Heat and New Idea and that bullsh-t they have in Australia. But at the same time, these are pretty specific details: a name, an age, and a citizenship. 

But why isn’t this coming up anywhere else? Like at last check, it wasn’t even in the Daily Mail!? They have budget to buy so many photos. You’re telling me the Daily Mail wouldn’t care about seeing Johnny Depp kissing the new woman in his life? 

I’m not saying something weird is happening. I’m just wondering if something weird is happening. I don’t get why this isn’t getting much coverage?