Ocean’s 8 main trailer

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 12, 2018 19:09:30 April 12, 2018 19:09:30

 A new trailer for Ocean’s 8 has been released and this movie still looks f*cking cool. The first trailer was about introducing us to the all-new all-lady heist team, and this trailer is about introducing us to The Heist. We already knew they were robbing the Met, but we get a little more of Anne Hathaway as a stereotypically spaced-out actress, Rihanna as the hacker going up against the Met’s crazy security, and an Ocean has a secret vendetta, which is in keeping with the Ocean-heist formula (ooh, someone should make a movie about an ocean heist, maybe as a sequel to Hurricane Heist?). So is Anne Hathaway the inside con? She’s in that group shot on the subway. That would make her the Carl Reiner of the group (Reiner also has a cameo in the new movie). I am SO curious about how this heist plays out. I can’t wait for the reveal montage.

My only concern for Ocean’s 8 is the release date, and to be fair, that is a concern I have for almost every movie coming out this summer. Ocean’s 8 comes out June 8. That’s outside the May car crash of Deadpool and Solo, but The Incredibles 2 opens the week after Ocean’s 8. There’s just no room for legs. And Jurassic World 2 opens the week after The Incredibles 2, so we get out of the May car crash only to walk into the June pile-up. It’s just never ending this summer. There are too many big movies, and someone is going to lose. And as much as we might want to go, AHEM SOLO, the truth is the Star Wars brand is big enough to propel that ahead, even with all the behind-the-scenes brouhaha, which the average citizen probably isn’t aware of, anyway. I just hope the loser isn’t Ocean’s 8, because it looks so fun and relatively low-key compared to all the superheroes, space pirates, and velociraptors.


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