Here’s Leonardo DiCaprio out for dinner last night with friends in LA. He was also seen earlier this week out for dinner with his current bonafide Camila Morrone. It’s Camila’s birthday on Sunday, she’s turning 22 years old. So still safe. Like three years safe. A lot of time before, you know, she becomes 25 and ages out. 

In other Leo news, here’s the new poster for his new movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. I am not naming this movie yet as I have a point to make in a minute about the title, specifically the way it’s been styled. But first the poster. Very 70s vibe. 


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Notice anything about the name of the movie? On the poster, it’s “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood”. The ellipses comes after “in” and before “Hollywood”. Fine. But when Quentin published an open letter ahead of the premiere in Cannes, notice how the title is styled: 


The ellipses happens after “Time” and before “In”. 

But check out the movie’s official website:


At the top, on the synopsis page, the ellipses comes after “in” and before “Hollywood”. In the text though, the ellipses is again after “Time” and before “in”. 

Which one is it?!?!

Anyway, did you hear about what Timothy Olyphant said on Rich Eisen’s radio show a few days ago? Timothy revealed that on the set of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood or Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood, Quentin banned cellphones. Apparently there was a booth for the actors where they had to check in their phones so that they could be focused on the work. Which sounds reasonable but are we sure that applied to everyone? Like even Leo? 

Because we’ve all heard the stories about Leo. About how Leo is always on his phone. Leo needs to know where the party is. Leo, as Edward Norton once shared, needs to know what club is blowing up, at all times – even when he’s in the Galapagos, he needs to know what’s going on in the club in New York. WHERE’S THE PARTY?! 

So if Quentin banned the phones, did he ban Leo’s phone? And if so, how did Leo survive without his phone?! Did he miss the party?!