Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are getting married in a palace. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s a literal palace. Their venue is the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, home of the former royal family of Jodhpur and according to Harper’s Bazaar, it’s “the sixth largest private residence in the world".  Sounds intimate, low key, casual, understated, chill. HA. 

These two were never going to have a chill wedding. Priyanka’s bridal shower was at Tiffany. They had a traditional Roka ceremony and an elaborate engagement party. If you’ve ever been to an Indian wedding, you know that they are typically big events even when you’re not one of the most famous Bollywood and Hollywood actresses in the world marrying a Jonas brother. I like that Priyanka and Nick are leaning into the over-the-top fairytale. They’ve been all Disney princess heart eyes, forest creatures singing, doves fluttering IN LOVE since they announced their engagement. 

This venue feels very on brand, and not just for Priyanka. Sure, it’s going to be an Indian wedding that embraces all the rituals that come with that and Nick is a white guy from New Jersey, but he’s never shied away from the spectacle of their romance. If this is Priyanka’s dream wedding, I’m sure Nick loves being the guy who gets to be a part of it. Nick’s brand is hopeless romantic dude singing love songs who will do anything for his woman. The venue fits the couple. I just think it’s really funny that the Jonas family and friends from New Jersey are going to be partying in a Jodhpur palace. I hope one of Nick’s Jersey cousins falls in love with an Indian Prince Charming. BRB, I gotta go write this rom-com. 

Let’s go back to the details of the venue. I can’t stop staring at the photos.  I LOVE creeping other people’s weddings. I’m not engaged nor am I planning to have my own wedding any time soon but I love me a good wedding blog. Give me a marathon of Say Yes To The Dress any day. I’m also obsessed with Where To I Do? which is basically just a show about creeping wedding venues. Nick and Priyanka’s venue is straight up wedding porn. It’s not the style I would choose for myself (I’m not getting married I swear) but that’s what makes it even better to creep. The palace is stupidly extravagant, as palaces are. 

It boasts 347 rooms, which includes a throne chamber... a museum, several banquet halls, ball rooms, a library, an indoor swimming pool, and a spa.

Staying the night at this palace reportedly costs 60,000 dollars. The low key, casual and understated wedding is said to be happening on December 2nd with pre-celebrations starting on November 30th.Someone check the royal schedule and find out if Meghan and Harry are going to show up. You know they were invited. This wedding venue actually makes Meghan and Harry’s look low-key. That was probably not Priyanka’s motivation but I am HERE for the petty if it was. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are going to have to borrow Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie’s castle to come close to topping this. I just remembered that Joe is in DNCE and now I’m picturing that band at this venue and I’m dying. 

I can’t wait to creep the sh-t of Nick and Priyanka’s wedding which will probably show up in the pages of Vogue instead of a wedding blog but I’ll manage.