Last week, there were rumours about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. They were spotted at a Dodgers game and spent Memorial Day weekend together but he was also thirsting after Jenna Dewan on Instagram so their status was unclear. Well, it looks like we have an official status update. OK, we now have more information to widely speculate about their status. 

What’s in between ‘it’s complicated’ and ‘in a relationship?’ Nick and Priyanka were photographed going on what looked like a proper date on Thursday in LA. They’re both wearing proper date outfits and Nick held the door open and everything. Chivalry, alive and well. At the very least, they’re at the part where they’re comfortable being seen in public together but whatever Nick and Priyanka are doing is “brand new”, according to the no-longer reliable Us Weekly. I would guess that it is fresh, since Priyanka is still wearing sky-high stilettos on dates and Nick is still running game on Instagram. 

Nick’s Instagram habits have been Good For Gossip lately. When Lainey wrote about Nick dropping nuggets of thirst in Jenna’s comments, she also hinted at the world of flirting on Instagram. Oh, it’s a thing. Nick and Zac Efron and are around the same and their Insta game similarly involves one move: drop a complement in the comments

Here’s what Nick wrote on one of Priyanka’s recent posts. 


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“That smile.” This suggests a familiarity with the smile in question, no? Priyanka returned the love with a comment of her own on one of Nick’s posts. She commented with a heart emoji AND a fire emoji. The fire emoji totally means they’re f-cking. 

I’m really into this couple. Their age gap is whatever (get it, Priyanka) even though it does seem more pronounced since we watched Nick grow up on camera and Priyanka got famous in North America as a fully-grown woman. If you can’t get over the fact that Nick is the baby Jonas who dated Miley Cyrus, I get it. But Nick once held my hand and sang “Close” while staring into my eyes during a rehearsal for a show I was working on and let me tell you, he is now a grown-ass man who CAN GET IT. If Priyanka’s just in it for a good time, not a long time, I approve.