Niecy Nash popped up in the middle of a dire week to release a rainbow of joy on us, literally and metaphorically.

She married musician Jessica Betts and the surprise was full of glory and elation. Look at how happy they look!!!!!


This post also served as Niecy’s public coming out party and she dressed for the occasion. Even though we don’t know the story that led her to the altar with her wife, we want the best for them. We want to know everything! But not in a nosy way. Only when Niecy is ready to tell us (and I really hope she does). 

To see this kind of happy story get so much support and attention feels normal and natural – it is exactly how this event should be received. Of course Niecy should be trending on Twitter for her surprise wedding. Beyond the celebration is the comfort this story is bringing to people. Social media, which has a constant undercurrent of sadness and stress (and right now, collective grief), rejoiced for and with Niecy. It’s a shot of joy. Usually a wedding hashtag would be annoying, but with these two #bothofbettsworld is downright adorable.


There was a short-lived rumour that Jessica was Niecy’s wedding singer, which isn’t exactly correct: she played a wedding singer in an episode of Claws. And now I get to talk about Claws, which I really liked but, the curse of Canada, I can’t find season three (which Vulture critic Angelica Jade Bastién called a “perfect summer show”). Season four is on hiatus because of ‘rona but will be back for its final season. I remember season one being very fun and pulpy and perhaps it could be picked up by a streaming site for our viewing pleasure. I think it’s exactly the kind of show that would excel in a binge-watch format and, with all the press around Niecy, would be an excellent acquisition. 

As we wait for more photos to come out, let’s get to know Jessica better on social media because this is a woman who can post a photo with Oprah and an ass shot of Niecy back-to-back. Get you a wife who can do both.