“Checking” – it was an expression we used in high school when we were talking about being into someone. Who’s John with right now? Oh, he’s checking Melissa.

It was first reported back in January that Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell were checking each other. They showed up to the same parties, they hung out in the same circles, they were seen on Instagram… and then in April, at Coachella, according to PEOPLE, Nina was “dating” Orlando Bloom. Even though five minutes later he was all over some model. As noted at the time, obviously whatever did or didn’t happen between Nina and Orlando was temporary because she and Glen are now official.


Nina is tight with Julianne Hough who got married this weekend. Nina and Glen were at the wedding. And this happened at the photo booth:

PEOPLE is confirming that they’re together. And I’m confirming, again, that they’re totally well-matched. They’re the same age and, most importantly in this industry, they’re exactly level with each other professionally. Also, not that it matters, but I love her. And I’m starting to really enjoy him. He was terrific in Everybody Wants Some!! He was irresistible in Hidden Figures. He is reason #467 why Scott Eastwood doesn’t matter.

Also attached - Glen Powell with a dog and Zoey Deutch on the set of Set It Up last month in New York. 

UPDATE: The dog in these photos with Glen appears to be Nina's dog, Maverick. Thanks for all of your emails about this!