Lainey’s nickname for Noah Centineo is Peter Noah. I used to call him Peter Noah Kavinsky Centineo. The lines were blurred between Peter Kavinsky, our beloved character from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Noah Centineo, “thirst architect". The lines were blurred by design. Noah leaned into his Internet Boyfriend tag and embraced the sh-t out of it. The more we wanted him to be a real-life Peter Kavinsky, the more he was tweeting love notes and posting thirst traps shirtless in bed. At least, that was my theory. Now, we have proof that Noah Centineo’s team is actively working to make him seem less like an LA d-bag and more like Lara Jean’s Prince Charming. 

Noah Centineo and Busy Phillips were both guests on James Corden’s Late Late Show. According to TMZ, Busy called out Noah for ghosting one of her friends.

We're told Busy went into detail about how Noah met one of her writers on a dating app, and dragged him for ghosting her. 

This story is not surprising. OF COURSE Noah is meeting girls on dating apps and then moving on to the next without a courtesy call or text. He’s 22. Look at him. Noah Centineo ghosted someone. The sky is blue. Water is wet. Beyoncé is Queen. Here’s where it gets interesting - the segment of the Late Late Show that went to air was apparently heavily edited. 

Sources close to the situation tell us Noah's team were worried about the segment, and asked Corden's people to heavily edit it down… Noah's team feared the story would ruin his boy-next-door image. 

“Boy-next door image.” HA. They’re going to have to let go of that real quick. If his team wants to shut down the things that are ruining Noah Centineo’s Peter Kavinsky-ness, they should tell him to stop posting IG stories that make him look like he’s always on the tail end of a three-day bender. I’m not saying that’s what’s happening in these stories; I’m saying that’s what it looks like. 

This Late Late Show story is a fumble for Noah’s team because Noah getting roasted for ghosting someone by Busy Phillips is a great late-night talk show anecdote. Even if it got a bit awkward, they should have left it alone. Now, it’s a bigger deal than it probably would have been. Noah may be new to all this but his team shouldn’t be. He’s repped by CAA. They should know better. 

So, will this leaked “damage control” story negatively affect Noah’s image? I doubt it but then again it takes a lot to kill my crushes. Still, I think Noah’s going to be just fine. One, getting a rep as a f-ckboy won’t hurt him like it would one of his female peers. Two, Noah is still really good at the thirst trap game. He’s featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s “Next Gen” issue and the feature is more of the same Peter Noah Kavinsky Centineo crossover appeal that we’ve come to expect. Take a minute to scroll through this photoshoot (goddamn) and watch a video of Noah play “fishing for answers” where he talking about the importance of communication in a relationship. Tell me your insides didn’t betray your logic for a second. Yeah, he’s going to be fine.