Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s former nanny has been talking a lot of sh-t about both of them via the Daily Mail, and was likely paid for it. So as I said last week about this situation, nobody looks good here. The nanny and the Daily Mail seem to both be out to make Olivia and Jason seem like assholes but it’s not like the nanny is coming out looking like a hero either since, well, it’s the Daily Mail. And that’s why for the first time in a long time, Olivia and Jason are on the same side on this one, releasing a joint statement denying the ex-nanny’s account and calling into question her motives.


One of the accusations the nanny makes against Olivia is that she allegedly gave up her dog because she was too busy f-cking Harry Styles to care for it, which, if true, would be gross. Turns out, according to the pet welfare agency that helped out with the dog, the situation didn’t actually go down like that. 

Maeday Rescue is clarifying that Gordy, the dog, was indeed rehomed – but not because of Olivia’s infatuation with Harry.   


So Olivia and Jason’s family lifestyle was not a good fit with Gordy’s personality. And according to Maeday they worked together to find Gordy a home that better suited his energy. I know people want to believe that Olivia is the devil right now but if it’s between the Daily f-cking Mail and an animal rescue, who has more credibility? 

Some sh-t went down behind the scenes of Don’t Worry Darling. Olivia and Florence Pugh don’t get along. The culture has decided Florence is the hero and Olivia is the villain. The film has come and gone. Olivia has become a gossip target and tabloids and fans are actively trying to humiliate her as punishment, I guess, for starting a relationship with Harry Styles either during or right after her relationship with Jason Sudeikis ended. There are the Harry Styles fans who hate this relationship so much, their ultimate happy ending to this story is that Harry will break up with Olivia. Like seeing her dumped – is that the only acceptable conclusion to this saga? For everyone else…is that what we’re supposed to be actively willing to happen? This is not how I want to be spending my gossip energy. And I’m curious to see how we’ll be processing this story in a few years because I wonder, through an even more progressive lens, whether or not the current cultural reaction to Olivia is going to be assessed as a positive. 

Here's Olivia leaving the gym, knowing that the paps know where to find her, wearing Harry’s merch, and perhaps sending a message.