Katy Perry was honoured by amfAR last week and Orlando Bloom was there to support her. Then PEOPLE came out with this story yesterday that they might get married. 

“He is ready to settle down with Katy,” the source says of the pair, who just attended the amfAR Gala together in L.A. on Thursday.

“She hasn’t put any pressure on their relationship lately, and everything is just easy. Being with Katy makes Orlando very happy,” the source adds. “In the past, he seemed so scattered and unwilling to settle down. He is like a new person now and everyone is excited for him.”

After dating for a year, the actor, 41, and pop star, 33, called it quits in 2017 before rekindling their romance earlier this year.

“Orlando is in a different place than he was last year,” the Bloom source says. “He has matured a lot. He realized that being single isn’t that great after all. His relationship with Katy wasn’t right the first time around, but it very much is now.”

Being single = f-cking around. Translation: Orly isn’t into f-cking around anymore. Well. That’s comforting. And so romantic, you know? What every girl wants to hear when someone’s about to propose to her – your possible fiancé is done f-cking around and he’s ready to settle… down …with you now. Yay!

So heads up look out, be on alert. Katy and Orlando could be getting engaged soon. She said it would be a while before she puts out another album so it could even be sooner than when we get new music from her. As for seeing Orly at the movies…

I can’t remember the last time I saw him in a movie or a TV show. IMDb tells me he’s shooting a movie called The Outpost. Also starring Scott Eastwood. No comment. 

Attached - Katy Perry at the opening night of Dear Evan Hansen in LA.