I called it Oscar Isaac Week yesterday. I should also have called it I Saw Him First Week because I did. And in about five days, when all of us have seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, at least once, you’ll all be dialed up over Oscar Isaac and I’ll be standing here fuming. But why be petty when there are so many pretty pictures to look at? 

Here are Oscar and Elvira Lind last night at the European premiere of The Last Jedi in London. And Oscar today at the photo call. Earlier this year, Oscar and Elvira became parents to their first child Eugene, named after his mother who died in February. That’s about all we know. And I’m not complaining. If Oscar Isaac wants to show up every few months or so, with those dreamy eyes and that gorgeous hair, and be in a great movie, and then disappear, I’m good. 

As for this movie, I’ve been purposefully avoiding reading much to do with The Last Jedi over the last couple of weeks, with the exception of Sarah’s posts, obviously. The other day I saw a headline about fans wanting a bromance between Oscar’s Poe Dameron and lalalalalaalalalaalalalaalala, don’t want to hear it. If I’m shipping, I want to come to that ship on my own. That said I do NOT want to come out of there shipping Rey and Kylo Ren. Is that even possible? Wait, no. Don’t tell me. DO NOT TELL ME. We can talk about it on Monday. 

What will it look like on Monday though? Have you seen the reviews for The Last Jedi? Sarah posted hers yesterday and she loved it. Most critics are loving it. The Last Jedi is receiving the strongest reviews of any Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back. They’re saying it could be a $220 million opening weekend and that could go as high as $240 million domestically and $450 million globally. So, basically, a lot of people will be leaving the movie theatre swooning over Oscar Isaac this weekend. Ahem.