Let’s begin with the less divisive celebrity because everyone loves Oscar Isaac. A few weeks ago, during the press tour for Moon Knight, Oscar rocked up on two occasions in a skirt and bent the internet. That energy continued at the Met Gala last night as he too made his Met Gala debut which is actually a surprise for me because I totally thought he’d been there before. 


That’s not the case – and so for his first time, he decided to make it a date night with Elvira Lind and, well, let them tell you what their style vibe was for the event. This is only two minutes, you’re good to hit play: 



So Thom Browne loved how Oscar wore his clothes for on the Moon Knight carpets and decided Oscar and Elvira had to be at his table at the Met Gala and dressed them both and it was Oscar in a dress and Elvira in white tie. Excellent. No notes. 

And then… 

There’s Shawn Mendes. Who was the big debate this morning on our daily show production call – I had no idea that Shawn could be so polarising but here’s how it was split. The straight women on the team were allll over his look. He’s beautiful! He’s dashing! The military jacket is gorgeous on him! His HAIR is so good. 


The gay men on the team, however, were not having it. They clowned him. And apparently Twitter is clowning Shawn too. 

I mean, yes, I get it, he’s giving Disney prince. And there have also been comparisons to Les Miserables and Doctor Strange. This is the one that killed me: 


In reference of course to the fact that his ex, Camila Cabello, was also at the Met Gala and as far as we know right now, there is no gossip coming out of that so can we just go back to this fight we’re having about whether or not this is hot or nah? 

Is this tapping into the sh-t that many women have to de-learn where attraction and fantasy is concerned? Like being swept off our feet by the military warrior prince? Probably. I will own that. I’ve seen An Officer and a Gentleman. That conditioning is strong. But when it comes to Shawn Mendes, I’m not leaning into that kind of desire. All I see is a really, really attractive person who is wearing the sh-t out of a very well-tailored coat …that just happens to have some military Disney accents? 

Am I wrong? Am I missing the joke?!