THIS HOT BITCH is what I’ve been calling Sharon Stone for years now because… well… look at This Hot Bitch. She was in Berlin last night accepting the Woman of the Year Award from GQ Germany. She’s big in Europe. Several times in Cannes, I saw people lose their minds over her. Like reporters and fans from all over Europe freak out the moment she steps on the carpet, more loudly than some names that play big in North America. 

Sharon wore a sparkly pinstriped coat on the carpet with oversized shoulders – I love it. She’s always been great in clothes that are masculine and feminine and here’s another example. Underneath the coat, a sexy black short dress… because it turns out the point of the night was her legs. Or, if you forgive me for being crass, what’s between her legs. And that works on several levels. But she should explain it, not me:


“Thank you for choosing me to be woman of the year because there was a time when all I was was a joke.”


And all of that delivered while crossing and uncrossing her legs. Now there’s a f-cking reclamation. 

Maybe that’s why recently, she’s been giving me so many Basic Instinct vibes. I posted about this a week ago when she stepped out in that creamy luxe outfit because it recalled for me her wardrobe in that movie. And these two pieces – the coat and the dress – are also very Catherine Trammel. Has this been a deliberate evocation over the last few days leading us to this moment, this speech on this stage in that chair? I would it love it to be. I would love it if we were being led by fashion bread crumbs.