It’s one of those looks that’s worth a scream. Thandiwe Newton wearing the sh-t out of this Rodarte dress – better on her than it was on the runway. 


The same dress was also seen on Lorde recently in Vogue Australia: 

Thandiwe and her stylist tightened the straps which made them thinner, leading to even less coverage and then threw a leather jacket over top to toughen it up. But then come the accessories. Those earrings!


You know what makes the earrings even better? The symmetry between them and her chest tattoo – they become a set, as the tat works like an accessory in and of itself. Every single style decision we’re seeing here is thrilling. 

Now I’m hoping we’ll see more Rodarte and especially at the Oscars. Kirsten Dunst has long had a close relationship with Kate and Laura Mulleavy and it wouldn’t surprise me if she showed up in Rodarte. But Maggie Gyllenhaal is a possibility too. 

Back to Thandiwe – she was at the premiere of All the Old Knives co-starring Chris Pine. As Sarah wrote last week, this may not be a movie you want to watch with your dad because of the horny undertone. Thandiwe talked to ET about working with an intimacy coordinator during the filming of the love scene(s) and how it adds to the production. She also seemed to confirm that this is not just a story about spies and an investigation – this is romance!


"I think its harkening back to a time of old when romance was something we all wanted to think about and get excited about" – see now this is how you sell me on a movie. I wasn’t all that interested in the angle about finding the mole in the CIA. But I am definitely interested if the mole story is really just secondary to these two people who are trying to sort through the lies in their relationship and get to something that might resemble love. All the Old Knives premieres on Amazon on April 8.