According to Page Six, Prince Andrew won’t be going on his annual summer golf trip to Spain this year. Poor Andrew. Spending some time in the hot Spanish sun might have done some good for his defective sweat glands. You’ll recall, last year, after Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in federal custody, supposedly by suicide, he f-cked off to Costa del Sol to stay with a friend. And he was apparently hoping to do that again but he’s so much of a heatscore, he’s worried that if he leaves the protective proximity of his mummy, the Queen, and travels abroad, he might have to answer some questions about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the dead rapist pedophile, especially now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested


An interesting headline appeared this weekend though about Ghislaine and Prince Andrew: 

Well, first of all, you can never really predict how someone acts when they have no more options, when they’re totally desperate. Let me give you a Twilight comparison here. You know the Twilight character that most closely resembles Ghislaine Maxwell? The vampire Victoria. She was the loyal companion of the first Big Bad of the books, James. Victoria was James’s most trusted accomplice. And her super power was self-preservation, she was great at escaping. Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series also works here. How much evil did Bellatrix perform at the behest of Voldemort? Bellatrix was also an accomplished escape artist. 

These, of course, are fictional characters and what Ghislaine Maxwell saw and allegedly did was very real, very sinister, very sick. My point though is that Ghislaine has proven herself already to be resourceful and ruthless. She might be saying now that she won’t sell out Prince Andrew – but the fact that she even could and is choosing, for now, not to is in itself revealing. Because it means that she *could* sell him out. That she has enough on him to seriously damage him. And if he did nothing wrong, why would he have to worry about being sold out? 

But there are layers and layers to this, non? If a friend of hers is making it public that Ghislaine would never sell out Andrew, is it an intended message for Andrew? Don’t worry, I won’t sell you out… in return for… what, exactly? Unless you believe that someone like Ghislaine Maxwell, who spent all that time with a convicted sex offender who abused and trafficked girls and women, was standing around blindfolded while Jeffrey Epstein was committing his crimes all by himself. A gymnast couldn’t stretch that far. 

US investigators clearly believe that Ghislaine Maxwell should also be held accountable for Epstein’s criminal activity, accusing her of luring and grooming the victims. But they also, obviously, think that she’s the key to a larger network. So, again, it’s about who and what she knows – and whether or not she’ll reveal it. The list of possible names is bananas. From Bill Clinton to Donald Trump and other world leaders and politicians and billionaires, it could very well be the biggest sex and corruption scandal the modern world has ever seen. 


On top all of that, there’s yet another photo that’s making the rounds that’s not a good look for Prince Andrew:

That’s Ghislaine with Kevin Spacey, who also has all kinds of stink on him, at Buckingham Palace believed to have been taken in 2002. Prince Andrew is the one who facilitated this private tour during Bill Clinton’s visit. As Yashar Ali points out: 

This photo is now seen as further evidence as to the closeness between Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell but also, allowing someone to sit on the throne that only the Queen and Prince Philip are entitled to sit on is a flagrant sign of disrespect. Nobody would know more than Andrew, given how he was raised, the significance of these symbols. But he was willing, in order to curry favour with certain people, to let his asshole friends f-ck around with the monarchy’s protocol. 


But, but, but…she wore black nail polish and a one-shoulder dress!

The existence of this photo though isn’t new. The Sunday Times reported about this incident a couple of years ago but at the time, Prince Andrew’s people claimed he “had no recollection” of it occurring. He never has any “recollection”. Because, of course, you know that Andrew also says he doesn’t remember being present for the photo that was taken with his arm around Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, while Ghislaine stood a few feet away at her London home. 


I guess that’s what receipts are for. 

So how much more sh-t does he conveniently not remember? 

If he keeps not remembering things that there are receipts for, can anyone actually believe him when he says he didn’t do anything wrong, that he wasn’t a participant in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes?

How much longer can the British royal family afford to protect this man? As you might expect, they still haven’t commented on the recent developments and Ghislaine’s arrest, although Andrew’s legal team is said to be “bewildered” that they’ve reached out on several occasions to the US Department of Justice but that the DOJ continues to maintain that Andrew has been uncooperative. 

But between the fat fingers, the wonky sweat glands, the pizza in Woking, the incriminating photographs that he can never remember, the massages by young Russian girls, all the parties and the private jets, his blatant disrespect of his own family’s throne, on top of his undeniable association with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, how credible are any of Prince Andrew’s denials? 

Epstein’s victims have been consistent and specific. For years Prince Andrew and the British royal family have dismissed them, used their power and influence to discredit them. By extension then…how credible are they?!