Brad Pitt was first seen in France with German model Nicole Poturalski a little over a week ago as they were on their way to Chateau Miraval. Since then, if you’ve been following the story, we now know that they were at a Kanye West show back in November 2019 and that she may or may not be in an open marriage with the father of her child, Roland Mary, a restauranteur who owns the place where Brad and Nicole were first introduced. 


Now PEOPLE Magazine has more insight on the relationship – translation: PEOPLE is putting a positive spin on it. Because, of course, PEOPLE’s function in the celebrity ecosystem is to support whatever narrative the celebrity wants to drive, especially a major celebrity like Brad Pitt. 

According to PEOPLE’s source, Brad and Nicole did indeed meet at a party in August 2019 when he was in Berlin promoting Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. The source says, “They were very flirty” and that since then they’ve hung out in LA a “handful of times” and at his former family home in Provence but even though it’s now been a year, the “relationship is in its early stages”. 

So they’ve been dealing with each other for a year now and still in the “early stages”? Is that a euphemism for “they’re just f-cking, it’s not serious?”


Because if it is, why do we need to know from another source, an “industry insider” that:

"[Nicole] has spunk and is smart. She’s a hoot. Very light and funny. If she is dating Brad Pitt, he’s getting a good girl."

First of all, whoever this industry insider is, I’m willing to bet that they’re over 35. Because no one under 35 is out here describing someone as a “hoot”, lol. Maybe 35 is even too low of a number. Like 40? 45?

Also, given the age differences here and the Roland Mary connection, the “good girl” thing here is kinda… squicky, non? 



We’re not supposed to focus on these things. What we’re supposed to take away from this report, if you’re Team Pitt, is that Brad Pitt is a stud, OK? He’s spending time with a hot young woman – and he deserves to because of the hell that Angelina Jolie put him through. Also we are not supposed to remember the hell he might have put her and the children through. He is perfect, didn’t you know?

One more thing – here is the cover of the new issue of Life & Style. Ummmm… what are they doing over there?!

Brad Pitt on the cover of Life & Style