As mentioned in today’s open, were it not for the pandemic, today’s coverage would be all Golden Globes. A year ago, during our Golden Globes wrap-up, we posted about Zoe Kravitz’s Golden Globes polka dots which were not actually the main focus because a few days prior, she finally, finally showed us her wedding dress. On New Year’s Eve actually. 


If you’re a regular visitor here, you know that I’ve been obsessed with Zoe and Karl Glusman from the start. And I was especially obsessed with seeing her wedding dress (like at one point I was mentioning it weekly), which she’d not revealed up to that point. Needless to say, it was a totally different vibe for 2020.

PEOPLE reported on Saturday, January 2, one day before Karl’s 33rd birthday (yesterday), that Zoe filed for divorce on December 23. I mean, it’s never a good time to end a marriage but the timing of this, during the holidays and birthdays, is especially sh-tty. On the one hand, maybe it was to take advantage of people being off, and preoccupied with their long weekend, and getting ready to get back into the grind, and looking ahead to a new year. Like a classic Friday gossip dump. But then again, these days, many of us are on our phones more than ever, no matter the day or occasion. So it was never going to be low-key. 


Zoe and Karl were married 18 months. Looking back, there were signs. Social media, these days, is often the sign – they’ve not posted any shots or commented on each other’s posts in months, and most notably, when it was Zoe’s birthday on December 1, Karl was quiet on his account, which was unusual because in the past, he was pretty public about how he felt about her. This is how I put it back in 2017, four years ago this month actually, when I was writing about my read on Karl’s IG: 

“….my assumption [is] that they are super intense about each other. Like explosive chemistry. And I feel like he, in particular, can’t get enough of her. At least according to his Instagram.”

So the fact that in 2020 he was silent on her birthday was, in hindsight, a major flag. 

Karl has since scrubbed his feed and started over:


Zoe’s feed, meanwhile, remains the same. Their wedding photos and her one-year anniversary post are still up for now. She did however repost this meme on stories with the caption “mood”:

They are, however, still following each other. Some might read into the fact that he nuked his Instagram to be a sign that he’s the one who might have been… less decisive… about the breakup; but different people process things differently. She could very well be, in general, a more chill person than he is. 

As for the “why” of it – I don’t know that Instagram is giving us any insight beyond “it’s really over”. Other than, you know, 2020 f-cked up everyone’s sh-t, and they’re not the only celebrities whose relationship fell apart this past year. Zoe’s been working on The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and some of you have emailed subtly and not-so-subtly wondering about that connection. You know what would be less obvious though? Colin Farrell is part of that cast too. The last time his love life made headlines (not really headlines though because Colin has dramatically lowered his profile over the last decade) was when he was dating Kelly McNamara. During an interview last May, however, when talking about his experience with lockdown, he said that he was single and while he’s been papped here and there in LA, he hasn’t been seen with anyone since. IF there’s any speculation to be entertained – and there is NOT, this is simply a response to some of your emails – about The Batman set, that’s where my mind goes. 


That said, again, I’ve heard nothing to suggest anything, and there’s been no reporting about Zoe and Karl’s split other than it happened. Not even a statement about remaining friends and a request for privacy. So they’re not giving it any air in the hopes that no one else will either. 

Can I ask about the dog, though? Is the dog OK!?