I wish someone would do the very important work of putting together a scientific research study about tattoos and regrets, and specifically tattoos, regrets, and former lovers. What is the percentage of people who get a lover’s name tattooed on their body and DO NOT get it removed? What I’m trying to say is… how low is it? The ones who end up removing probably greatly outnumber the ones who keep them, right? The latest: Pete Davidson. (Dlisted) 

Yesterday in my post about George Clooney, I mentioned the Winter TCAs and how the TCAs have evolved. It’s no longer “just” TV stars anymore. It’s stars, period, who work both in television and film and other. And there were so many of them at this year’s Winter TCAs. The Fug Girls have a full list. And they’re right – the TCAs seemed to go on forever this year. (Go Fug Yourself) 

My favourite story of the day – Miranda Lambert got into a fight at a steakhouse and salads were thrown. Not shoes, but salads. I just did an informal poll, asking my colleagues if they fantasise about table-flipping. All of us do. None of us will. But haven’t you always just wanted to flip over a table when you’re sharing a meal with some asshole? Now I’m trying to picture how satisfying it would be to dump a salad over someone’s head. (Cele|bitchy) 

There’s a movie starring Nicholas Hoult about Tolkien. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a Lord of the Rings person. Didn’t care for the movies. Don’t nerd out over the books. I’m Harry Potter and Beatles, OK? Basic as f-ck! (OMG Blog) 

I woke this morning, read a text from Duana, and realised I missed the Westminster Dog Show final. I try to watch most years. But I really wanted to watch this year because of 7 Days Out. I should have asked Sarah if she would consider Westminster “self-care entertainment”. Or …maybe not. Because people get really passionate about their favourites. This video though – this video of the agility competition is DEFINITELY self-care. I promise you, it’s pure joy. (The Cut) 

I still haven’t seen Frozen. Do I need to see it before Frozen 2 comes out? That was a dick question. Because I’m definitely not going to see either. But… parents! Get ready. IT’S COMING. (The Hollywood Reporter)