Scott Eastwood and John Boyega are starring in Pacific Rim Uprising together and I thought the press tour would go one of two ways. One, Scott Eastwood’s perma-doucheness would infiltrate John Boyega’s general perfect ray-of-sunshine-ness or two, by some miracle, John Boyega would make Scott Eastwood somewhat likeable by proxy. Neither of these things has happened. 

Instead, based on nothing but Photo Assumption and what we know about Scott Eastwood, I’m pretty sure he’s tried to bring John Boyega over to his douche dark side and John isn’t having it. The force is strong with this one.  

Photo Assumption Exhibit A:

Photo Assumption Exhibit B:

If we’re playing the super reliable and totally accurate (not really) game of Photo Assumption that Lainey originated, Scott Eastwood looks like he thinks John Boyega is his new best friend while he full doucheface smiles and laughs and John looks like he's barely tolerating him, right? Scott thinks that he’s found a new CrossFit buddy and John looks like he’s politely trying to get Scott out of his personal space, right? Am I reading too much into this? 

I’ve looked at the full series of photos and in each one, John looks uncomfortable. He’s grinning through his discomfort. 

Compare those photos with this one of John Boyega and Stormzy at the Black Panther European premiere.  

See? Like the rest of us, John Boyega is just stomaching Scott Eastwood until his 15 minutes is over. I know it’s been a long 15 minutes. I’m still holding out hope. 

The final argument in my John Boyega Does Not Like Scott Eastwood theory is this: I can’t find any joint interviews with just the two of them promoting the film. In all the junket footage I’ve seen, they’re separated. When Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam were promoting Pacific Rim, they did all the junkets together. To borrow another one of Lainey’s catchphrases – coincidence or conspiracy? 

To cleanse your palate from all the Scott Eastwood in this post, please enjoy this throwback interview of Idris and Charlie genuinely appearing to like each other. 


That handshake at the end? Scott Eastwood wishes. 

Now, please enjoy these photos of John Boyega being adorable in his purple suit.