It was revealed on Friday that Princess Beatrice married Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and that it took place at the Royal Lodge (the residence gifted to Prince Andrew by the Queen), and that it was attended by a small group of family and friends, with Her Majesty and Prince Philip in attendance, as well as Beatrice’s parents. 


The portraits were released this weekend along with details about Beatrice’s dress and tiara.

All of this is gorgeous. I love that shot of them coming out of the chapel with all that blush pink colouring framing the archway. It’s fresh and lush and goes so beautifully with his waistcoat and her skin and hair and…you know what kills me? The colour scheme of Beatrice’s wedding goes perfectly with this!

Princess Beatrice arrives at Westminster Abbey for Will and Kate's wedding, April 29, 2011

Let’s put that side by side, just to see the full effect of how complementary the hues are: 

Princess Beatrice at Will and Kate's wedding/Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi's wedding

Really, though, on pure aesthetic and personal style preference, this might be my favourite royal wedding, even thought this probably wasn’t the wedding that Beatrice originally envisioned. Had her wedding been the grand affair that her father wanted for himself, she likely would not have worn this exquisite dress which belongs to the Queen and has been modified for the occasion. The cap sleeves are a perfect addition. And wearing her hair down was exactly the right choice to go with it, and the veil, and of course that tiara. 

Before Beatrice’s wedding, my favourite wedding tiara was her sister Eugenie’s

Princess Eugenie on her wedding day

Beatrice’s tiara, as explained, is the Queen Mary diamond fringe which the Queen wore on her own wedding day, and we’ll discuss the significance of that in a minute, but while it was chosen, I’m sure for the messaging, it also happens to be the tiara that matches amazingly with those bands of lined embellishment all over the bodice of the dress, creating symmetry and symbolism. Royalty, after all, is all about lineage. 

To go back to what we’re being told here then, well, obviously, as we’ve known, Her Majesty adores Beatrice and it’s widely known that the York princesses have always been close to their grandmother. After all the mess that’s been happening with Andrew, clearly the Queen felt for Beatrice in that her joy was compromised by her father’s scandal. As a grandmother, then, there’s no doubt that these gestures came out of love. She’s letting the world know that she has great affection for the first child of her favourite son. A more cynical extension to that take is that the dress, the tiara, and the wedding are a manifestation of her support of her favourite son, through his firstborn child.

The British royal family, remember, is alllllll about symbolism, using their heirlooms and their various traditional pins and sashes and whatever knickknacks in the place of the words they cannot say. What the Queen is saying here is that she’ll protect the House of York for as long as she can.