My favourite part of the hysterical Taylor Kitsch GQ profile Lainey wrote about in the intro this morning was "Jesse and Dunst." I also love that the writer is sure Kirsten would never answer to "Dunst." I'm pretty sure of that too which is why I will now forever call Kirsten Dunst by her Kitsch-approved nickname.

There are new photos of Dunst doing something else I would have guessed she'd never do: belly cupping. Here's Dunst in a pair of cute overalls out with a friend and in some, not all, of the photos, she's cupping her unborn child. Lainey has written extensively over the years why she thinks belly cupping is gross. I agree that when a dude gets all territorial over his partner and grabs her belly bump like “I DID THIS!” it is gross. But I’m not sure what Dunst is doing here is all that bad. 

I’ve never been pregnant but I have friends who say they’ve cupped in photos because they wanted people to know they were pregnant instead of just peculiarly bloated. I also have friends who say that when there’s a basketball where your stomach used to be, it’s natural to want to touch it. I assume that if/when I’m ever pregnant, I’m going to be poking and caressing my belly at all times – like a science experiment. My friend Kayla is pregnant right now and she has to yell at me to stop touching her belly when we’re together. My response is always, “But my future nephew’s in there!” 

So, I’m going to give Dunst the benefit of the doubt that she’s not doing the cutesy, Motherhood is My Calling signature pose. These aren’t staged photos. Maybe she just wanted to feel up her science experiment. Or maybe she and her friend just had a big lunch. I belly cup after a bowl of pasta too. 

I’m OK with this until Meth Damon starts cupping her belly while on a red carpet. Does he seem like the type of guy to do that though? Landry Clarke would never.