Dear Gossips,

Big weekend! It’s the Golden Globes on Sunday! The Golden Globes do not have a hosting problem. It’s the Oscars that have a hosting problem. Which is why the Oscar host dilemma is making headlines today, just two days before the Globes. 

With only 7 weeks to go before the Oscars, the Academy has yet to confirm a host. It was supposed to be Kevin Hart. Could it still be Kevin Hart? Kevin’s new interview with Ellen DeGeneres airs today. During the interview, he tries to explain, again, why he refused to apologise for his old tweets and then, apparently, Ellen explains for him that he is no longer the person who wrote those old tweets and then appeals to him to reconsider hosting the Oscars again – for which is she is now taking some heat. You can read more about the backlash here. Ellen says that she’s personally called the Academy and, according to her, they said they’d love to have Kevin back and she appealed to Kevin to change his mind and he said he’d think about it so now, we’re living in a world where…

Kevin Hart might host the Oscars after being named the host of the Oscars and then quitting as host of the Oscars? 

I mean…it’s definitely one way to up the intrigue. 

Or, you know, they could just ask Drake. I’m still really, really into my idea that it should be Drake. But if it can’t be Drake, here’s another one that I’m pretty proud of – in fact, I think it’s brilliant …because it’s only January 4 and I have the rest of the year, probably starting tomorrow, to lose all confidence and feel bad about myself, OK? 

What if they try again with the “young, hip” double hosts? Except this time, instead of Anne Hathaway having to compensate for James Franco’s suck attack, it’s … 


Zendaya and Tom Holland!

Tom Holland would never do Zendaya dirty the way James left Annie out to dry. It would be the opposite, probably. She’d have to chill HIM out. Both of them are very comfortable on stage. You saw how gifted she is in The Greatest Showman. You know he can dance from Billy Elliott. YOU KNOW HE CAN DANCE FROM LIP SYNC BATTLE. Oh. Did you forget? Try to hit pause on this before it ends – spoiler: you won’t be able to.


It’s exactly the kind of pairing that, say, the MTV Movie Awards, in their heyday, would have come up with. Which is exactly kind of fresh thinking that the Oscars are after, without compromising legacy – and they wouldn’t. The stars of an upcoming summer blockbuster (Spider-Man: Far From Home), representing new Hollywood? Zendaya and Tom would be f-cking AMAZING together hosting the Oscars. They would charm the old ass Academy members watching at home. They’d draw the younger viewers that the Oscars are after. They’d generate a million memes. Social media would explode. I’m a genius. 

Oscar Academy – this is the move!

It’s a move nobody will have to worry about. Just like nobody is worrying about Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg. They’re going to be great on Sunday night. And we’ll be talking about how great they are during and right after the show, starting at around 1am ET, Duana, Kathleen, and I will be up all night, posting through the morning, with complete Globes coverage. Join us if you’re not sleeping either! We love award season so much. We can’t wait to argue and agree and argue some more!

Happy Globes, everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,