Prince Andrew declared that he would cooperate with the investigation into his dead rapist friend, Jeffrey Epstein. Over the last couple of months, investigators say he hasn’t been forthcoming. Now we’re hearing that his legal team has been in touch with US authorities. I don’t know how this proves that he’s not being a weasel. Because all his legal team conveyed to investigators is that he “refuses to submit to an interview”. Which…doesn’t that mean he’s NOT COOPERATING?! (Dlisted) 

Did you hear about that dude who bought up all of that hand sanitiser and wanted to profit from it? He was publicly shamed. And now he’s all like, but, but, but, I’m not a bad person. Anyway, in the end, he has not profited. But many people are getting free hand sanitiser. The winner here, I think?, is social media. (Pajiba) 

Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are still together and they went for cupcakes this weekend in New York. (Cele|bitchy) 

Not that this is a priority in these times but it’s the most obvious statement ever: there aren’t going to be any red carpets for a while – and there shouldn’t be. We are at home, in our pyjamas and bathrobes, social distancing and doing our part to flatten the curve. And while that’s happening, we still have the internet and can look back on past fashion. Here’s a Cate Blanchett style retrospective. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Amy Adams has joined Instagram – and this is a wonderful idea. These are the stories we need right now. (JustJared)