Here are more photos of Prince Harry and Royal Meghan at Hamilton in London last night to benefit Sentebale. They met with Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife Vanessa Nadal before the show and sat with them during the performance. Check them out as they arrived and also taking their seats: 


At the end, both LMM and Harry went up on stage to offer their remarks. This was LMM’s introduction: 

For Hamilton fans, LMM is a bigger deal than any royal. They live off the stories he tells about when he was writing, about his inspiration, all the small details that went into the making of his masterpiece. That would be Duana and now me. If you’ve seen it, you understand – the WORK that went into this, it’s almost inconceivable. 

Which is why Harry is apparently such a fanboy. Meghan told the cast last night that Harry sings along to the soundtrack all the time. And he started to sing last night, fittingly: 

I’m now picturing Harry skipping around Nottingham Cottage, “da da da da da, da da da da da-ya-ya”, in his underwear. You’ll recall, Beyoncé is a big fan of the King George’s numbers in Hamilton. She told Jonathan Groff she was going to steal his walk.

It’s obvious, then, that Harry and Meghan had a great time last night, not just because they were required to be “on” but also because, come on, you can’t not have a good time at Hamilton. And it doesn’t hurt that Hamilton was the Sussexes’ first outing in a month, after Thomas Markle’s relentless f-cksh-t, and they showed up and showed out completely unbothered. 

I, however, am still bothered by Meghan’s bronzer/blush situation. Why is blending so hard?! Also, now that we’re seeing some better shots of her tuxedo dress, I’m not as big on it as I was yesterday. It’s still a solid look, but the fit isn’t great, right? This is a styling issue. There’s some pulling around the ribs that could possibly have been fixed by going one size bigger. 

None of that matters though because the signature Sussex PDA was on display last night. Harry and Meghan held hands as they left the theatre, on their way home to make babies to the Hamilton. Is “My Shot” too obvious? Or maybe “Satisfied”?