As I’ve been saying, it was the Super Bowl of celebrities, celebrities from all entertainment streams: television, movies, music, and royalty. Prince Harry was at the Super Bowl last night, his first time ever, and he was joined by another royal, his cousin Princess Eugenie who’s obviously visiting him and Meghan in California: 


Clearly, then, not all of Harry’s family relationships are broken. He and Eugenie have always been close, and Meghan apparently knew Eugenie before she and Harry started dating. Eugenie is the first royal relative to visit the Sussexes – that we know of – since they moved to the US. Maybe she’s there for a sunny California getaway. Or, maybe, she’s there to enjoy the California sun and more. Like a christening? Harry and Meghan have not released any details about Lilibet’s christening but there’s been speculation since she was born last summer about when it would be and who would be involved. I wonder if Eugenie’s presence in California might be a clue. 


Harry and Eugenie were among the few celebrities seen last night who were wearing masks at the game. And this is relevant to the next part of the story – it was confirmed today that Camilla has now tested positive for COVID. Prince Charles tested positive last Thursday morning. He last saw Camilla on Wednesday. Camilla tested negative on Thursday, after Charles’s positive, and then had three public engagements. She was operating according to public health guidelines but, you know, if I were me I’d be like, I don’t really want to be around someone who was closely around someone who has COVID. I am probably much tighter clenched about safety and COVID than the next person, seeing as I’ve basically been in lockdown for two months and will be staying in lockdown until the end of March, but side-eyeing Camilla’s decision to go out there for THREE engagements after her husband’s positive result, to me, isn’t paranoia. Like, I get that technically the public healthy guidelines allowed it but what about common sense? Because…like… we are three years into this thing, by now don’t we know how it works? How transmission works? Now they’re notifying all the people she came in contact that day because the future Queen Consort might be a super-spreader. Good look!


What’s even more complicated is the lack of transparency happening right now with the Queen’s situation. Charles tested positive on Thursday. He saw the Queen on Tuesday. Following Charles’s positive result on Thursday, the Palace said that the Queen was showing no symptoms but since then, information has been scarce, no real updates. They’ve not yet said definitively if she’s been tested. At the time of this post, they’re refusing to answer if she’s had COVID. Now Camilla, who was exposed to Charles, has tested positive. So this is the big question: does the Queen have COVID?