So. As noted in the open today, Princess Eugenie (and Prince Andrew and Fergie) had precisely the weekend in the spotlight. Just the weekend. First thing this morning, as soon as the weekend was over, Kensington Palace made the announcement: 

Which is also when Fergie, who’d not posted anything all weekend about her daughter’s wedding on social media, started uploading her wedding memories:

At exactly the same time!

According to the BBC, “The Queen and other senior royals were told about the pregnancy on Friday, when members of the Royal Family gathered in Windsor for Princess Eugenie's wedding”. Is this like proposing at someone else’s wedding? Some of you, via my inbox, are calling this offside. Some of you, via my inbox, are saying they didn’t have much a choice re: timing, f-cked if they did and f-cked if they didn’t. 

If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had told Her Majesty before Eugenie’s wedding, they would have risked it getting out and that would have cockblocked the wedding anyway. If they’d waited, they wouldn’t be able to tell Her Majesty in person. And, likely, some of Royal Meghan’s outfits on this tour would reveal the pregnancy and you don’t want the Queen finding out that she’s about to have another great-grandchild via the television. The window, then, would have been quite small, if there was a window at all. Word is Meghan is just now 12 weeks pregnant. Which, going back, sounds about right. You’ll recall, it was September 6 when she wore that gossipy dress that started all this speculation, five weeks ago. People traditionally don’t talk about pregnancy before a certain date for safety. Given the timing of the wedding and the timing of the trip, what would have been the “perfect” time? Had Harry and Royal Meghan revealed their pregnancy even two weeks ago, every photographer would have been aimed at her on Friday – even more so than usual – at the wedding. 

That said, it didn’t have to be today. It could have been tomorrow. Or Wednesday. As I noted in my first post about the pregnancy, she was wearing a coat and covering her body with binders upon arrival in Australia. That would have bought them a day or two. But then again, Fiji is, right now, still on the tour schedule. And there’s a Zika advisory on for Fiji. Meghan won’t be going into the forest with Harry but the plan remains that she will be flying there. They said they’ve consulted with physicians and have put a measures place to keep her healthy. Making the announcement, however, on the first day of the tour could put in place a very understandable revision to the itinerary. 

While there may not have been a “perfect” time then, as always, the “perfect” time is gossip time. 

We’re getting GREAT gossip out of this already.