As I told you yesterday, and this morning, we would learn the wedding month and location today. Confirmed at Buckingham Palace just now – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding will be in May at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Harry is getting everything he wants right now. Let’s come back to this because there was some other information released at the briefing. 

Meghan will be baptised and confirmed prior to the wedding. Meghan will become the patron of the Royal Foundation. They’re also doing their first public appearance together on Friday. Like already Meghan will be stepping out with Prince Harry as a team. As they said yesterday, they are a team. They are getting to work together as a team right away. The visit will be to Nottingham for the Terrence Higgins Trust World AIDS Day charity fair. After that they’re off to the Nottingham Academy. Already they’re doing it differently and their way, wasting no time getting out there together to solidify their brand. 

So now…about the wedding. St George’s Chapel and Windsor mean it’s not going to be a grand spectacle down The Mall in London. The chapel is beautiful. And it’s quite small. It’ll be as intimate as it can get for a royal getting married, especially a royal who is this popular. But it’s also very, very Harry. Because if it had been a Westminster Abbey or a St Paul’s Cathedral wedding, Harry and Meghan would have been surrounded not just by close friends and family but by all kinds of other “must invite” names from around the world. A source told me yesterday, “If Harry has his way, he won’t have to have all these world leaders and dignitaries at his wedding”. And that’s exactly what’s happened. He’s not going to be king. He doesn’t need to invite some president of whatever country to watch him get married. 

That same source, however, said that if it were up to the other senior royals, it would be the pomp and circumstance wedding. Given that that’s not how it’s gone down, it’s a sign that Harry is very much in control of this situation. That the Queen has given him permission to get married how he wants to get married. Because Harry’s been filling up his bank account. For a couple of years, I’ve been writing about Harry putting into the bank, repping the family, doing the best work on behalf of his grandmother. That accumulation of goodwill, both for his public image and to impress Her Majesty, has paid off. He was saving that up and waiting to cash it in. 

This is how he’s cashing it in. With Meghan Markle as his partner. With the wedding he wants.

Next: Christmas. More on this to come.