I mentioned Prince Louis and his sunglasses in my post yesterday about the royals at the polo but there are more shots now and he’s so cute and hilarious, I’m throwing up more shots today. 

Louis is clearly a character now, tumbling around on those sturdy legs and looking for toys. Anything is a toy right now, including sunglasses, like his mother’s sunglasses. Princess Kate is the one who put them on his face. And then he turned to look at Meghan Markle with Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor in her arms and blew them a sloppy kiss. Everybody laughed. How could you not laugh? He’s squishy and adorable and innocent and it’s the warmest moment we’ve seen in a while between House Cambridge and House Sussex amid all kinds of rumours about their relationship. 

Most of those rumours, of course, are about how the women get on, or don’t. Which is ridiculous because if there’s any friction, Princes William and Harry are at the centre of it, given their reported differences. None of that matters, though, when Trey is out here all irresistible, an undeniable delight.

I wonder if Louis will join Will and Kate on their tour to Pakistan and in the fall. Big G and Charlotte will be in school but Louis’ schedule seems open. He could totally fit it into his schedule, go abroad for the first time, visit a few Commonwealth countries in Asia. Early speculation was that in addition to Pakistan, the Cambridges could also add Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka to the itinerary.  

In other royal news, the London premiere of The Lion King is happening on Sunday. Prince Harry was always expected to attend. Meghan Markle was rumoured to attend. Now this:

OMG, you guys. It’s happening. Beyoncé will anoint Meghan Markle in person. I mean, there is NO WAY Beyoncé won’t be introduced to the Sussexes at that event. NO WAY. The only question is whether or not they’ll allow the moment to be photographed. Like, it seems obvious that they would. But I don’t want to jinx it. And since this is Beyoncé, it’s not going to be any ordinary photo. She knows we’re waiting on this shot. She’s going to make it worth the wait, I can feel it.