As you saw in the Brad Pitt post, there were a couple of jokes about the drama in the British royal family last night during the BAFTAs. Brad’s cheeky comment about Prince Harry actually wasn’t the most pointed. The funniest royal-related moment came from Rebel Wilson before she presented the Best Director category. The royal joke comes at the beginning but she really, really nails the landing at the end of her speech so the whole thing is worth your time:  


Royal Andrew! 

And everyone in that room knows what that was about but just in case you forgot (how could you forget?), Prince Andrew has stepped back from royal duty over his friendship with the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

Then the cutaway to Prince William and Catherine of House Cambridge squirming. THAT, after all, should be their biggest family shame, non? 

Speaking of shaming though…

As President of BAFTA, William addressed the audience last night and expressed his disappointment that the nominees were so white, calling for more diversity in the industry. The Sun’s Dan Wootton actually had the exclusive a few days before, reporting that William would be dragging the Academy because he was “furious” about its lack of inclusion. So another Dan Wootton exclusive, this just a few weeks after he reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be moving to Canada, kicking off all that Sussexit drama because House Sussex knew there was a leak coming from inside. And all this as it’s been pointed out that Dan Wootton is good friends with a senior member of William and Kate’s comms team. It’s all coincidence and no conspiracy, right? 

As for William checking the BAFTAs, encouraging them to be a more inclusive organisation – well, some people might wonder about the inclusion in HIS organisation. The British royal family and its attendant ecosystem might just be the whitest institution in the world. Of course where the family is concerned, it’s hard to go out there and “recruit” for representation, especially where personal lives are involved. That said, one of their members has been abhorrently treated by the UK media, and the coverage has been racist, including the coverage from the very publication that keeps breaking House Cambridge exclusives. It’s a bit rich.