Sorry for the bummer ahead of the weekend but this is a PSA for those of us in Canada because our COVID situation here is… really bad, like coming close to the worst it’s ever been. Where I live, in Ontario, we just posted a 30% increase in new cases in JUST ONE DAY. And it’s not just in this province. British Columbia just set a new record for cases yesterday. Per Macleans, Canada is “likely to exceed the US infection rate in the coming days” so we’re talking across the country, there is so much community spread, and the vaccinations aren’t happening quick enough; our ICUs are overwhelmed. And it’s more and more younger people getting sick now, people under 50, entire families are testing positive, as in parents in their 30s and 40s with young children at home. Of course it’s the worst for essential workers, who have to feed their families, because so many don’t have paid sick leave, and who are unprotected and supported in so many ways. So, please, if you can, encourage those in your community to get vaccinated whenever they’re eligible, and if that means helping them register, do that too. And, please, mask up. Also… I know it’s hard… but if you can, for those of us who can, stay home. Catch up on Oscar-nominated films. Watch Big Mouth on Netflix. Or explore the impressive Asian library on Netflix. Or spend three hours watching panda videos on YouTube which is my Friday night activity. It’s the thing we were telling each other a year ago, and yeah, I can’t f-cking believe that we’re still doing it, but please, if you are able to, stay home. 


Michael K of Dlisted, internet treasure, has written an excellent obituary for Prince Philip who died today at 99 years old. (Dlisted) 

Great idea, Fug Girls. Yes, let’s bask in Michelle Yeoh, for a minute and more. Look at this throwback of this legend in this dress. Fifty years from now this outfit will still work. And I am right there with Fug Nation in that I would pay money for Michelle and Helen Mirren in a walk-off. Someone make it happen. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Michelle Pfeiffer says it’s easier to French exit these days because of phones. I guess. But at this point, I don’t know who, if they’re in a position to French exit, would pull a French exit because we haven’t been anywhere in over a year. Like, I’m pretty good at a French exit, but I feel like the next time I’m at a party, I’m f-cking OVERstaying the welcome, you know? (Cele|bitchy) 

I do not have nice feet. In fact, I have just about the jankiest feet you’ve ever seen. So there is no chance that this dude is going to want to upload pictures of my feet to wikifeet … WHAT! Just like the flatmouth thing in today’s open, I had no idea there was a wikifeet. And now I’ve just read an article about the dude who contributes to it and did you know you can rank people’s feet? Are your feet pretty enough to be on wikifeet? (The Cut)