Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie were seen in LA yesterday on a photo shoot, presumably to promote Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Everyone was expecting Quentin Tarantino’s latest film to screen at Cannes – they love him there – but when the initial lineup was released a few weeks ago, it was said that the film wasn’t ready. Yesterday it was confirmed that QT’s Hollywood WILL actually make it into competition at the festival. They were obviously always holding space for him all along because as it is, Cannes 2019 was light on glamour, especially since they refuse to invite Netflix to the party. Should a film festival be about glamour? Of course not. But THIS film festival is the most glamourous of them all. Their whole brand is built on glamour, they need the stars. And Leo… well… I’m sure he doesn’t mind going back to the south of France. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t like, come on, Quentin, give me a reason to go to Cannes so I can go to all the parties, but, you know, it’s because I’m “working”. 

Most people are expecting that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will premiere in Cannes on May 21 which is the 25th anniversary of Pulp Fiction. Like I said, they are obsessed with QT in Cannes. It’s going to be a QT takeover. 

In other Brad news – he was supposed to be also promoting Ad Astra this month as originally that film was set to be released May 24. Ad Astra, however, has “quietly vanished from the release schedule” and so far there’s been no explanation and no new release date. Well that doesn’t look good. Like, there hasn’t even been a trailer yet. And the movie was supposed to come out three weeks from now. 

In other other Brad news – a few of you have emailed me about the latest f-cksh-t headline, something something about Brad buying the marital home he shared with Jennifer Aniston to give to her. Remember what I said yesterday about protecting the integrity of gossip? This is not the way. The story comes from an Australian magazine called New Idea, not exactly known for accuracy. New Idea might even be worse than In Touch Weekly and Star Magazine. You know what bothers me about this fiction? It’s lazy. 

When it last got ugly between Brad and Angelina Jolie (before they decided, again, to keep it all quiet and civil) they were fighting over money. She was saying he wasn’t paying enough child support and he was saying he gave her a loan. If money is one of the issues they’re still trying to work out (in addition to custody), can you f-cking imagine the heat that would come down on him if she found out he was spending something like $70 million (this, STOOPIDLY, is the figure that was being floated around) on his ex-wife?!!?!?!?! 

Brad has since denied the report. Of all the sh-t that gets written about him, this is the one he’s cherry-picked to set the record straight on? Sounds about right. Because you do not want the tabloids messing with your bank. Seriously? Brad and Angelina’s lawyers have been working to settle this thing for months – years! – and now they have to make sure some Australian magazine’s fantasy doesn’t lead to him having to release more of his financial information. Someone must have been PISSED.