The last time there was marriage speculation about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky it was after the Met Gala - she wore a white Valentino design which was giving bridal, and then she posted on Instagram referencing the “bridal party”. And before that people were wondering whether or not a ring she was wearing on her wedding ring finger meant that she and Rocky were engaged


Last night RiRi and Rocky were in Cannes where he performed at a Spotify event. Just before performing his song “Sundress”, Rocky shouted her out and this is how he referred to her: 

So is that a confirmation that they are indeed married? Announcing it in the most casual way? There is for sure a honeymoon energy around them right now – not that they haven’t always been adorable together but the visuals of them lately, there’s even more of a love glow, right? 


It mean it’s possible that it’s colloquial – “wifey” is commonly used when referring to serious girlfriend… but I’m not getting a casual vibe here. “My beautiful wife” is not street lingo. To me it feels intentional. 

In other Rihanna news though, one of the people she was there with is Jason Lee, the founder of Hollywood Unlocked. He’s the one pictured with her here: 

Rihanna with Jason Lee
Rihanna with Jason Lee in Cannes

Hollywood Unlocked is a gossip blog and, you’ll recall, it was Hollywood Unlocked that published the first photos of Rihanna and Rocky’s son Rza after the paps shot them on the beach. Rihanna did not want the paps to secure a big bag for those exclusives so instead she benefited a Black-owned website and the reason I’m bringing this up again is to highlight Rihanna’s relationship with the media, with the internet – how she, one of the biggest stars in the world, has made use of gossip culture when the opportunity is right.

You’ll also recall, she made the announcement that she was pregnant, the first time around, with staged paparazzi photos taken by a Black independent pap, Miles Diggs, who started out as an autograph seeker. My point is, as usual, she’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to making the gossip industrial complex work for her. 


And on that note, about making sh-t work for her, it’s one of my favourite things about Rihanna being pregnant – in that she makes it work for her, her lifestyle, her habits. They don’t change. She’s still out here having dinner at 1am. She’s still at the party. She still staying at the party. Rihanna arrived at the Spotify party last night around 1230am. In heels. And then when she was on her way out, and remember it was already deep into the night, she turned around and went right back onto the dance floor when her own song came on.

Attached: Rihanna backstage at A$AP Rocky's concert.