There was a Stop Asian Hate march in New York on Sunday, just a few days after a 65-year-old Filipino woman was attacked outside an apartment building while bystanders did nothing. Rihanna has used her social media over the last few weeks to raise awareness about anti-Asian racism: 


And this weekend she doubled down on the support when she showed up, masked, to the rally alongside her assistant Tina Truong. Which means most people had no idea that one of the biggest superstars in the world was marching with them. Scroll through the carousel: 


Rihanna also helped to make the signs: 

And wasn’t exactly hiding. The mask, of course, affords her some anonymity, but as you can tell from her body language, RiRi wasn’t running from the cameras, nor was she shrinking into a corner. Then, when someone asked for her Instagram so that they could tag her in some photos and videos, as is social media etiquette these days, well, take a look: 


LOLOLOLOL, can you imagine? “That’s you?!” 

I feel like Rihanna would find that charming, right? She’d be charmed by the fact that this person’s celebrity radar was off, focused on something much more important. I’m definitely charmed by her – by the fact that she showed up in person to advocate for the Asian American community and for Tina, someone who has been loyal to her, someone she clearly cares deeply about. 

In other Rihanna news, here are new shots of her with A$AP Rocky on Sunday night out for dinner which answers the question of whether or not they’re still together. Last night she hosted a birthday party for her mother. A multitasking queen, fighting racism and giving us romance updates. Thank you, RiRi.