Rita Ora’s been in Australia the better part of this year working on The Voice and also hanging out with her boyfriend, Taika Waititi, and all his movie star friends. It’s been the biggest gossip moment of her career so far. And while Rita Ora has had moderate success, no doubt, if we’re using Graydon Carter’s seven room analogy, up to recently she was probably at the most in room three and now has advanced to room four… maybe five? Rita Ora is making Rita Ora happen!


Rita is now in Los Angeles. The paps shot her taking meetings yesterday and then, at one point, she was at Soho House, and according to the pap agency that released these photos, she was meeting, supposedly, with… Jennifer Lopez?

Rita and JLo have met before. Here they are the Billboard Awards in 2015:

Jennifer Lopez and Rita Ora attend the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 17, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada

But that’s a party, and artists pose together all the time at award shows. A business meeting is a different thing. There are no corresponding photos with JLo and Rita yesterday at Soho House – at least if there are, they haven’t come out yet. So I don’t know where this information is coming from. I can’t imagine it would come with JLo because why would JLo need to tell us that she’s meeting with Rita Ora. But Rita Ora meeting with JLo certainly raises some interest in Rita Ora and what she could possibly be talking to JLo about, if a meeting even happened, since we still don’t really know about this intel. 

But the point is, we’re talking about it. If this is true, Rita’s getting into the orbit of more A-list talent, so is she getting closer to the fifth or even sixth room?