It’s been a few weeks since it became known that Taika Waititi and Rita Ora are dating. Rita has been in Australia for months working on The Voice and she posted a photo with Taika on Instagram, included among other photos in a carousel, which is when people really started talking about it. Prior to that they’d been seen – but not photographed – hanging out together. Does that count as a tip-off? 


Yesterday the paparazzi photographed Taika and Rita out for breakfast near his place in Bondi Beach. From these photos, it definitely looks like a relationship and not just a friendship. They held hands, he kissed her hand, they seem flirty in these shots. Does this mean they’re “official”, as in publicly official? They might argue that they weren’t asking to be papped so it doesn’t qualify but I’m not sure Rita Ora has ever been on the “publicity-shy” end of the celebrity spectrum. 

As things begin to open up, and more celebrity events attempt to get back to how they’re normally run, like red carpets and premieres, I wonder what we’ll see from Taika and Rita going forward. Will they be the kind of couple that shows up together and poses? Or will they try to keep their situation out of the spotlight?