The third season of Riverdale premieres tomorrow. Season two was so embarrassingly bad even my teen-drama-loving-ass couldn’t get through it. I’m still not caught up. If it wasn’t for Sarah’s insistence, and the fact that my general interest in Riverdale’s cast of extremely pretty people hasn’t waned, I would give up for good. Now, the second pair of its cast of pretty people is dating in real life and my interest has piqued once again. 

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart now have competition for the crown of reigning Riverdale IRL couple. Bughead be warned. The couple that fans were probably expecting to follow Cole and Lili was Camila Mendes and KJ Apa – Veronica and Archie, respectively. They’ve been dodging romance rumours since season one. Well, Varchie is not happening. It’s all about Veggie. VEGGIE! I refuse to Google if that ship name for Veronica and Reggie (played by Charles Melton) exists already. Let me have this.  

Camila Mendes went Instagram official with Charles Melton on Sunday with this post: 


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“Mine.” That’s a confirmation, right? Haley Law, who plays Valerie, commented “Charmila” so I guess that’s supposed to be their portmanteau. I’m sticking with Veggie. Instagram is always a good indicator of the relationship statuses of the Riverdale cast and back when Charles Melton was announced as the new Reggie, I foreshadowed his hookup with Camila Mendes. It wasn’t a hard guess. You put a group of hot twenty-somethings together and the hookups are inevitable. 

Camila was dating her childhood friend Victor Houston until recently. They reportedly broke up in August. The Camila/Charles rumours started in September when they were spotted on a Labour Day weekend getaway with some other cast members, including Bughead. They were also photographed with a fan after a supposed movie date in Vancouver a couple weeks later. 

God, this couple is attractive. I appreciate the strategic timing of Camila’s IG drop. We’ve now got some fresh Riverdale gossip to take us into season three. I care about the premiere significantly more today than I did before Veggie went Instagram official. Well played.