You know, I used to say during the first year of their relationship that Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse were really good about updating us on their status – unintentionally, of course. And for the most part, they’ve kept up with this consideration. Today in particular I am extra appreciative because I just posted about Colin Farrell who co-stars with RP in The Batman; Colin did an interview recently talking about the movie and was asked what he thinks of Robert in the role. 


“He’s a really interesting artist, and that is very much Batman in a way,” Farrell shared. “We have the illusion of Bruce Wayne, and then we have Batman in the shadows that has a lot more complicated things going on,” the actor added. “So just in that, I think he’s perfect for this role. He can relate in that way, and he looks good in the suit, man.”

My favourite Batman story right now is about …well… the Bat (Rona) Signal. Did you hear about this? The Batman production is based in the UK and while they’re not quite ready to resume filming, they are getting closer and Deadline reported yesterday that “Warner Bros has created an anonymous reporting mechanism in Europe so that cast and crew can alert senior managers if they witness colleagues breaking Covid-19 safety protocols during production”.


It’s like the NBA Snitch Line! Is every workplace is going to have a Snitch Line now?! 

Here I come next with the nagging – because so many people still aren’t getting it. The COVID-19 situation in the United States is still looking really scary. But even here in Canada, where several provinces have almost completely reopened, surges are now happening. The numbers are going back up. And many of the new cases reported involve people under 40 and children. 

It’s clear that this thing can’t be rushed. So please, wear a mask, social distance, and stay safe for yourself and others. 

Here’s RP with Suki in London out for a walk. Right now masks aren’t mandatory everywhere in the UK but that will kick in later this week.