A trailer dropped yesterday for the English dub of Hayao Miyazaki’s new film, The Boy and the Heron. People have strong opinions on subtitles vs. dubs, but while I am usually a subtitle person, when it comes to films aimed at children, I am more sympathetic to dubbing voices in different languages for different markets. Little kids can’t necessarily keep up with subtitles, and Heron is being released in North America by GKIDS, and it is being marketed as a family-friendly kids’ movie (though it is not suitable for younger children). So, here, I am forgiving of the dub. Especially because Heron is Robert Pattinson’s first voice acting role.


He voices the magical heron who is something of a trickster-guide in the film (which I reviewed here). He was trending on social media for a minute yesterday because of his gruff, virtually unrecognizable voice. I love it! For real! RPattz sounds like he worked to capture something of the original voice actor, Masaki Suda’s performance. For comparison, you can hear Suda voicing a line as the heron in the original Japanese at the 57 second mark here

We can have a debate of whether or not, generally, dub actors should imitate the original performance, but here I think the tone and quality of the heron’s voice matters, because the heron is beautiful and majestic…until he opens his mouth. And then he’s just rude, crude, and a weird little guy. RPattz gets that. He always knows when he’s playing a weirdo! 


Speaking of RPattz, he was photographed earlier this week on a hike in LA with his girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse. Rumors about Suki’s, er, condition have been, umm, blooming for a few weeks now. Lainey even mentioned it last week, when they were at the GO Campaign Annual Gala. It seems pretty obvious what’s going on, but they have not made any official statements, so we’ll continue to talk around the, ah, increasing evidence of a…situation. I wonder what RPattz’s fake kids in Montana think about it?



Attached - Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse leaving Kendall Jenner's Halloween party the other night and RPattz getting coffee last week in LA.