According to JustJared, this was Rosamund Pike’s Cannes debut because even though she’s been there before, many years back, she was never photographed. Now though… Rosamund Pike is 100% a red carpet presence and to commemorate the moment, she showed up on the red carpet in a red dress that is breathtaking. 


This is Dior and an excellent use of tulle, to create a heart covering the upper body but open at the back so that it looks like she’s wearing cap sleeves, and a dreamy long skirt that, because of the colour, and the design up top, doesn’t feel like a boring princess-ballerina gown. It’s also the rest of the styling, with her hair super sleek ending just below the chin instead of super coiffed, and makeup that’s not overdone either – it’s one of my favourite looks of the festival, and that’s surprising to me because, generally, I don’t love a red dress. 

Rosamund, however, seems to have a knack for them. Should we revisit her Golden Globes red dress? It’s still at the top of my list for one of the best looks of the year, also red tulle. 


So in addition to all the other things she’s good at, Rosamund is good at red + tulle, something not many can pull off. She’s also good at a pleated sleeve. Look at this work of art, Dior as well: