Rose Byrne was photographed on the beach in Byron Bay, Australia this week and I really love her swimwear. The pattern is super cute and I like that the cut of the bikini top is more like a sports bra. Mostly though, it’s the high-waist full bottom that I’m into. I don’t have one of these sets yet and I feel like if I ever go on a beach holiday again, I need to make this part of my life. My swimwear consists of one-pieces and standard bikinis only and since I’m short-legged, I’m not convinced that the bikini bottoms I have cut me off in the right place. Another advantage of a high-waist full bottom is that you don’t have to worry that it’ll slide off when you come out of the water, which has happened to me a few times. I get out of the ocean and all of a sudden, my bikini bottom is down at my ass and the resort is starting at my crotch.


Anyway, Rose looks great in hers and I need to start looking. In other Rose news, she had a new movie come out this summer – Irresistible, costarring Steve Carell and directed by Jon Stewart. They play political operatives working for opposite parties/candidates and while the movie isn’t that good, Rose, as usual, is excellent. You know what she’s great at? Being filthy. And her character, like many political operatives in real life, is dirty, amoral, foul-mouthed. She has excellent flair with a swear word and she’s underrated with salty dialogue. Does she get appreciated enough for this? I feel like… yes, since she has been cast in so many comedies, so the industry knows. I’m not sure though that this is recognised by audiences, this gift she has for doing justice to a foul line. 

Staying with the beach theme, Matt Damon was also on the beach, but in Malibu, spending a day with his family. Matt’s beachwear here is a wetsuit. The last time we saw him at the beach he was with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. Matt’s been in LA since returning to the US from Ireland where he was shooting The Last Duel. Production was suspended due to the pandemic and he stayed there for a few weeks before being cleared to return to America. They were initially supposed to resume filming this month and have about five or six weeks to go but that looks to have been an ambitious timeline. Word now is that they’ll pick back up in September or October as they finalise logistics. Right now, The Last Duel is still scheduled for release in October 2021 which should be fine from a post-production standpoint, it’s the studios and how other release dates are affected and, of course, the whole will-people-go-back-to-theatres thing that remains a question mark. Sure, that’s over a year away but the COVID-19 situation is far from under control in the United States and as the weather cools in many places around the world this fall, experts are calling for another wave and who knows how far back that could set things. So here it comes, are you ready? Please wear a mask and social distance!